Ran into some serious fog during our drive through the Beartooth Highway on our push toward Yellowstone.

It’s an interesting feeling going through switchbacks and knowing that, despite not being able to see past the guardrail, that there is a several hundred foot dropoff only a couple feet away. Got a little hairy around a couple turns.

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My Fire Life Tuque (beanie) has been keeping adventurers warm for almost 2 full weeks! Perfect for those chilly days when overlooking giant granite spires in South Dakota is a must…which is basically every day. 

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Gonna miss the Black Hills Wilderness but for now it’s on to more explorations. We got the Golden Bull working again after it’s transmission fluid completely drained and Don, the coolest small town Wyoming mechanic ever, got us back on the road and rockin better than ever. Incredibly grateful for all of the amazing people that have helped us so far on this trip.

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Saw a bunch of Bison in the Black Hills National Forest. This one got particularly angry with me despite my lack of acknowledgement at his several snorts until @marsland informed me of his anger and we were able to quickly make our escape. Proceeded to head toward Yellowstone at which point our car broke down just inside Big Horn National Forest making this my 3rd tow truck experience of the year. Driver ended up being a chapter leader for an MC club in 4 different states.

As Yvon Chouinard said, “It’s not an adventure until something goes wrong”

#neverstopexploring #exploremore #wanderlust #wilderness #themountainiscalling #getoutside #explore #letsgetlost